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Topos theory course at Insubria

I am currently teaching (in English) a Master-level course on Topos Theory at the University of Insubria (Como, Italy). The lectures have started on the 2nd of October 2018 and will finish on the 18th of December; they take place every Tuesday (16-18) in the Aula Magna of the Department of Science and High Technology (Via Valleggio 11, Como) and every Wednesday (14-16: theory and 16-18: exercise sessions) in the Aula 4.15 on the fourth floor of the same building.

Slides used as a support for my lectures (regularly uploaded here):

Lecture 1
Lectures 2-3-4
Lectures 5-6
Lectures 7-14
Lectures 15-18

Students from Insubria can access the videos of the lectures at this link by inserting their credentials.

More information about the course is available at the course webpage ; see also these presentation slides.

Teaching experience

Introductory text

Click here for a(n unpolished) draft of the first two chapters of my book "Theories, Sites, Toposes: Relating and studying mathematical theories through topos-theoretic 'bridges'" (Oxford University Press, 2017). This 64 pages text is a self-contained introduction to toposes, categorical logic and the 'bridge' technique requiring only a basic familiarity with category theory.

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